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February 2, 2019

Leo’s 1st Birthday Party


I can’t believe that my sweet Leo is 1 year old! Where did my little cotton ball puppy go??

Although this past year flew by, it was so much fun to look back and reminisce on our first year with Leo. Watching him grow up and change is absolutely bittersweet! He has learned so many things and for the most part is such a good dog! I may not be able to pick him up anymore but he makes the best pillow and still lets me cuddle him everyday. At the age of 1 his favorite things are going on long walks, playing with friends at the dog park, having his paw held, eating just about anything and above all just spending time with others. It’s crazy how such a young creature can have so much love to give. I feel so lucky to have Leo as my big ol’ puppy. He is a very special part of our family and we can’t wait to continue watching him grow!


While soaking in nostalgia, I also planned a little birthday party for Leo. My finance, laughing at me, said that I went a little overboard but I just had so much fun! I baked his dog friendly birthday cake from scratch and creating a Pinterest inspired balloon arch! I purchased the balloons from Amazon and the cake stand from Target.


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Can’t forget about the matching outfit including a party hat, baby blue collar and bowtie! My best fur-ever friend also got me the cutest birthday themed toys!



Don’t worry, the hoomans got a sweet treat too!



We had so much fun celebrating our sweet Leo on his first birthday! I’m sure he can’t wait to experience all the goodies and excitement that came with this day again. However, I am hoping that this next year doesn’t pass so fast. Either way, he will always be my adorable, quirky “puppy”.

  1. Dawn Brown says:

    Serious birthday goals! Can you come decorate and bake when @heyerniedood turned one?!! 😂😍

  2. West&ME says:

    All the details on the birthday Pawty were just adorable!

  3. jenn & miette says:

    you’re such an amazing dog mom!!! the cake you baked is so elegant and looks so tasty too :)! thank you for sharing the details~ we love being a part of your journey with leo!

  4. Lionbearpack says:

    The best barkday party ever! Congrats on your blog😘

  5. Alexis says:

    I’ve been following you guys since Leo was just a small little cotton ball 😂🥰 love your blog as well! Very excited to see future posts❤️ Ig @livinlifewithdiesel

  6. Jennifer says:

    This is so freaking cute! I’m so glad you decided to start this blog! Can’t wait to see more 💕 IG @Leo_thebordercollie

  7. Leo is such a beautiful pup 😍 And don’t worry, Lou will have his own birthday party on February 24th with his brother and sisters!! We love them so much do we?? 😁 IG: @lou_samoyede

  8. Noah the Sam says:

    This was so sweet to read! We love Leo’s Instagram, it’s fun to read the story behind the photos! We’ll definitely follow and read your blog!
    With paws,

  9. Frankvondoom_thecorgi says:

    Happy barkday, Leo! ☺️

  10. Amber says:

    Seriously the cutest blog EVER! 😍 Can’t wait to see whats to come! From your friends Amber and @tuckerdabeagle

  11. Rebecca Mancini says:

    We love watching Leo on Instagram! ❤️ @sophadophhavanese

  12. Maddy says:

    this is so cute! live your blog and your ADORABLE account! 😍😍 @thelifeofsissy_

  13. Lulu says:

    Love this so much Leo!! Everything is picture perfect!! Love your new blog! -luluthelondoner

  14. Julie says:

    This looks like such a fun birthday party! You have one great dog mom!

    ❤️Julie and Glenn

  15. Blue says:

    Sooooo cute! Love being extra extra for barkday parties! Love you guys!!

  16. Melissa says:


  17. Lisa says:

    Such a cute idea. We can’t wait to see what else you guys post on the blog. Also happy birthday to Leo!

  18. samantha says:

    Happy bday to Leo! You made him such a cute party… I need to step up my game!

  19. Milo says:

    Happy birthday, Leo!! What a cutie!
    – @themarvelousminimilo

  20. Brumby says:

    I think you pawty was spot on!

  21. Amber says:

    This is so cute! I don’t think you went overboard with the pawty. I can’t wait until my dog @mr.cottonthedog turns 1.

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