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March 29, 2019



If you live in a cold climate like we do, we know you can relate to our excitement! Ok, Leo might be sad that the snow is gone but I couldn’t be more thrilled to see the sunshine on these longer days. To help welcome the fresh, spring vibes we wanted to share with you our essentials for the new season. We own a few of these items or something very similar and have the rest on our wish list! 😉

Spring Favorites-03.jpg

Spring Favorites-01.jpg

1.    Floral plush toy – Leo has a Foggy Dog bone toy, but I only let him play with it when I can supervise him because it’s too cute to be destroyed haha

2.    Fun flavored treats – healthy treats that taste like burgers & fries? Sign us up!

3.    No-Hide chew – these keep Leo busy and he is absolutely crazy about them.

4.    Paw smoother – the long winter dries out paws just like it dries out our skin, this healing cream helps to soften paw pads. Use code LEO10 at The Natural Dog Co.

5.    Bright colored leash – nothing feels more like spring than pastels. Use code LADIESMAN10 at Sleepy Cotton Co to save on a cute new leash for all those beautiful spring walks.

6.    Water bottle – I would love to get this water bottle for Leo to use when we are outside. I have a cheap one with a similar concept but this one would be a great upgrade and perfect for travel. 

7.    Spring outfit – “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” I know, but this collar/bow tie set is way too cute!

8.    Paw towel – with all the rain and mud coming this season, it’s good to have a towel like this to wipe those paws before coming inside. 

Spring Favorites-04.jpg

Spring Favorites-02.jpg

1. Sneakers – I need a new pair of kicks for working out and walking Leo which is why these are at the top of my list.  

2. Statement earrings – I love how a pair of earrings can pull an outfit together and dress it up.

3. Mom jeans – after years of only wearing plain skinny jeans, I’ve hopped on the mom jean bandwagon and especially like the ones with some distress. 

4. Sunglasses – not only cute but necessary for these long sunny days!

5. Floral water bottle – everyone that knows me knows that I drink a ton of water and always have a bottle on hand. This one would be so cute for spring!

6. Hair scarf – now that my hair is getting longer I am so excited to tie these cute, flowy scarfs in my pony tails. 

7. Sandals – these neutral cross strap sandals would be perfect for everyday wear this season.

8. A new book – if you haven’t heard of the book “Girl, Wash Your Face” I strongly recommend it and can’t wait to read the sequel this season called “Girl, Stop Apologizing”. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what our top picks are for spring, let us know what your spring essentials are in the comments below! ♥

  1. @modernfurbaby says:

    I have the floral plush toy for my furbaby and was debating ordering some goodies from the Natural dog Co! Also, thanks for sharing your spring essentials too!! @modernfurbaby

  2. @omglilivy says:

    I’ve been looking for a good paw soother! And I’ve been dying to try that water bottle. Now I have to!! Thanks for the recommendations! And I love a good Devil Wears Prada quote too. 😉


  3. Lauren Redington says:

    Omg love these spring essentials! The water bottle is seriously the best – perfect for traveling!


  4. Whitney Yang says:

    So excited spring is here! @koditheaussiedood

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