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April 23, 2019

Getaway Cabin Stay in Virginia

I’m not good at relaxing.

For as long as I can remember I have had a full calendar leaving little to no time to just relax. In college I balanced being a full-time student with five part time jobs at the same time. FIVE! Not much has changed since then. I still love having a busy schedule, but I have learned how to make time for myself when needed. Mental health is just as important as physical heath and I am finally started to grasp that by making time to rest with zero guilt!


A few weeks ago, the company Getaway helped me do just that! Getaway’s mission is to inspire balanced living. When visiting a Getaway cabin, you’re encouraged to put your phone away and be present with nature. You can hike, cook, play cards or simply do nothing at all. Allowing time to do absolutely nothing sounds amazing but most of us don’t do it as often as we should.

“We believe in building balance into modern life – taking the time to rest and unplug from the daily hustle and to focus on ourselves, our relationships, and the wonder of nature.” 

I think everyone has room to improve in this area of life and I love how Getaway offers such a simplistic escape from our hectic routines. Getaway currently has six locations, each located about two hours outside of major cities like New York, Washington DC, LA, etc. The Getaway locations are similar to a campground in layout but have a tiny house inspired cabin on each lot as well as a fire-pit, picnic table and some lawn chairs. Each cabin has air conditioning/heat, a shower, toilet, a lock pad on the door and most importantly a big comfy bed! Getaway is the perfect option for people like me who love to be submerged in nature but are not huge fans of camping.




We were looking forward to hiking at the nearby Shenandoah National Park during our Getaway stay but unfortunately the hike we had planned was closed. Instead, we found a hiking trail near our cabin to explore. There was a peaceful creek and lots of lush greenery to enjoy on this trail! The cabins at this location spread across 20 acres so there is plenty of space to explore and clear your mind.


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After our walk, Nick started a fire and we cooked some hot dogs for dinner and enjoyed smores’ for dessert! As an artist, I have a huge appreciation for simplistic design. I easily put my phone away but has a hard time setting my camera down from capturing this stunning place!





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It felt so good to be outside with absolutely no plans or schedule. There is something so freeing about putting technology away and focusing on the ones you are with and the atmosphere around you.


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I am so grateful for this Getaway experience. Having quality family time is so important and this was the perfect place to visit to get some! Coming back from such a minimalistic setting, I am inspired to continue making small escapes away from the hustle of everyday life and focus on the things that truly matter. Use code LEO25 to save $25 off a booking with Getaway!



xoxo, Liv

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