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May 15, 2019

Day Trip To Holland, MI For Tulip Time

When a friend asks you to take a half day off work to drive across the state to take photos of flowers and cute dogs, you say “yes” every time! Last Friday I left work early, went home to get Leo around and then hopped in the car with our friends Stefi and Charlie to head about 2.5 hours west to Holland, MI.


When we arrived, the sun was shining but the breeze was chilly, Michigan springs can be such a tease! Out of excitement to be out of the car, Leo and Charlie practically pulled us to the first park with tulips. Trying to get some good photos of the doggos with the harsh sunlight and endless distractions was a challenge but I was happy to at least get a few!


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Over 5 million tulips bloom each year across this charming town for the Tulip Time Festival. They line the streets, form colorful patches in the parks and form long, beautiful rows in the garden areas. It is definitely a sight to see!



Tulip Time_4.jpg



How cute are these three!? Stefi is so great with Leo! She treats him like her own and he adores her for it! 


It’s hard to be on the west side of the state with out visiting Lake Michigan, so as the evening rolled in, we headed to the beach to let the dogs run. This is probably the first time I’ve seen Leo be off leash in a public area that is not fenced in.. He went for an off-leash hike with Stefi and Charlie not long ago and did great, so we let him try it again. This definitely makes me nervous but Leo is so obsessed with Charlie and is mainly focused on him, not running off. This definitely helps calm my nerves and gives Leo a great experience to learn from Charlie.



I had so much fun watching the boys enjoy the water and run up and down the beach! I can’t wait to make more trips to the big lake this summer, especially when the water is warm enough to swim with them.

Huge thanks to Stefi for inviting us on this little adventure! I am so thankful that our beautiful dogs brought us together a year ago and for the friendship we have built ever since! 

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