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September 12, 2019

Our Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Gros Islet, St. Lucia

I first heard about the island of St. Lucia a few years ago when a girl in one of my college classes honeymooned there with her husband (thanks Instagram). I fell in love with the unique look of the Piton mountains and white sand beaches. When Nick and I first started considering options for our own honeymoon I made sure St. Lucia was on our list of contenders. Although late August is gorgeous in Michigan, we still wanted to have a traditional honeymoon and getaway to relax after the busy months leading up to our wedding. After doing some more research, we learned that there isn’t much to dislike about the beautiful, quaint island of St. Lucia and booked our stay with the Royalton all Inclusive Resort and Spa in the northern part of the island.

We took the day after our wedding to travel back across the state for a night at our apartment to pack and get Leo to our friends who watched him while we were away. We flew out early the following morning and stoped in Atlanta for a layover. As we were waiting to board the flight the airline called first class passengers to board and Nick started walking towards the gate. I quickly assured him it wasn’t time for us to board yet and laughed at how tired he must have been. Knowing I love surprises and being the great husband he is, he was excited to tell me that he upgraded our tickets to first class for our flight to St. Lucia! I couldn’t believe it! As first time first class passengers we lived our best life enjoying all the food and drinks that were offered to you as well as the large foot room and TV screens. For the first time ever, I didn’t want to get off the plane when we landed haha!

After we made our way through the St. Lucia airport, we shuttled north for a few hours and finally arrived at the resort around 6pm. Upon our arrival we were greeted by friendly staff to help us check in and the largest lobby I have ever seen. Modern seating sprawls the lobby which overlooks the resort and the fresh air passes through with the vaulted ceilings.

We checked in and were then escorted to our room and our excitement to be there only grew as we walked through our presidential suite which included two bathrooms, a huge bedroom, living area, a bar area, two mini fridges, two jacuzzi tubs and a large wrap around patio that overlooks the main pool and beach. It was truly amazing, and we were so giddy to spend a week there!

We spent our first night having dinner at the buffet and hanging in our suite after a long day of travel. I would break down each day but to be honest they all looked pretty similar. We would wake up with the sun around 7 a.m., get around, head to breakfast at the buffet, go back to the room to change, lay on the beach or by a pool and drink frozen adult beverages all day in the sun. We made frequent visits to the adorable coffee shop for espresso drinks and ice cream. Nick’s favorite flavor was pistachio and mine was good ol’ chocolate. In the evenings we would clean up and head to dinner. We tired a few different restaurants at the resort including the Tex Mex, the Japanese steakhouse and the regular steakhouse which we went to twice during the week because it was that good! We also ordered room service twice during our stay and were very happy with that service as well. After dinner we would head to the bar near the stage with live entertainment. We were extra impressed by the fire dancing routine and the bar tender named Devean!


HUGE shoutout to Richard for seeing me holding a camera and offering to spend 10+ minutes with us on the beach taking photos. He was bending down, moving to either side, whatever he needed to do to get the perfect shot for us. He did it all out of kindness and wouldn’t even accept a tip!


I know some people who would get stir crazy doing that every day for a week, but Nick and I absolutely love it! We live pretty busy lives back at home so when we are away we like to be as chill as possible with hardly no schedule. However, we did take one afternoon to go on a fun excursion away from the resort. We took a shuttle to a harbor a bit further south on the island to board a catamaran with several other people. The boat took us along the cost to see many small fishing towns built in the hills as well as the iconic Piton mountains. We stopped to snorkel at a coral reef and enjoyed the sunset on the way back. We had both been snorkeling prior to this trip but never together so this was super special. This excursion was definitely a highlight of our trip!


It’s so fun to look back on these photos and relieve our week on honeymoon bliss. Having this time and this beautiful place to fully relax and just enjoy each other’s company was truly appreciated. We would highly recommend St. Lucia as a travel destination to anyone, especially honeymooners and can’t wait to revisit the island again in the future, maybe on our 5thor 10th anniversary. 

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