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October 22, 2019


I’m a sucker for a good Q&A session and love using the feature on Instagram. With the recent name change of my Instagram account I thought it was the perfect time to see if anyone wanted to ask me anything. I answered a lot of questions on my IG story but wanted to share some here as well and include a few additional ones.

How old are you? -24

Where do you live? – Ann Arbor, MI

What do you do for a living? – I am a full time Graphic Designer and part time photographer. I also consider my Instagram and this blog as a side hustle.

Why did you change your Instagram username? – I wanted the Instagram account to correlate with the voice and message I use on this blog which is why I changed it to @livlovesleo I also think it will help me feel better connected to the online community by sharing more about myself, including my thoughts and interests.

Will you ever get a second dog? – Yes! We would love to get Leo a little sister sometime in the next year or so. We are just waiting until the time feels right. As of right now, we are thinking about a Pomeranian but we haven’t completely settled on that yet.

What’s your favorite season? – Summer! I’m always sad to see it go but fall is my second favorite so it’s a good thing that always follows. I am not a fan of the cold even though I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life haha

Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? – My favorite stores are Madewell, Anthropology, Nordstrom, Zara, and Target. I hate shopping at the mall so I mostly shop online or at a stand alone store.

What camera and lens do you use? – My camera body is a Nikon D750 and the main lens I use is a 50mm 1.2. I also use my old iPhone to take photos when I don’t feel like hauling my big camera around.

How did you decide on the name Leo? – I’m pretty sure it was just the first name Nick and I both liked. Nick was super set on the name Bear and shot down every other name I suggested until we talked about the name Leo. There are many great names but I am glad we chose this one because it suits him really well.

What do you do for fun? – I love going downtown Ann Arbor with Nick and Leo to eat at a restaurant patio in the warmer months, spending time with family and friends of course, doing anything creative, attempting to bake/cook, travel, trying new workouts, and reading or listening to a podcast.

I hoped this little Q&A helped you get to know me better. Feel free to ask me anything at anytime, I just thought it would be fun to get the conversation started this way!

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