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December 3, 2019


The Holiday season is officially here and I am very excited to be sharing some fun gift ideas today! I thought about making a generic gift guide without any themes but I really want this to be helpful so I thought it was best to pick two categories – one for home bodies and one for busy bodies. I fall into both of these categories so it was super easy to pick out some awesome items that I think would make great gift ideas!

The first gift guide is for the home body on your shopping list. This person loves self care and staying inside during the colder months. They may love to host get togethers or have a quiet night to themselves enjoying a good book.

Holiday Gift Guide-01.jpg

  1. Cozy loungewear/pajamas – nothing beats the feeling of brand new, super soft PJ’s.

  2. Disney+ subscription which also includes Hulu and ESPN+ – this service is fairly new so I’m sure most would LOVE to receive it as a gift. Plus, it’s something they can enjoy year-round!

  3. A good book – winter is the perfect time to catch up on reading and gifting a book is a great way to recommend one of your own favorites.

  4. Warm socks – this is an item that you can’t go wrong with because everyone needs socks, and most are one size fits all.

  5. Coffee Mug – I think coffee mugs make great gifts! Unfortunately, I have probably overused this idea with so many friends and family, but in my opinion, you can never have too many, right?

  6. Aera Diffuser – this item is a clean and safe way to fill a home with cozy seats, including several holiday scents. It also has adjustable settings for the strength of the scent depending on how large the room is.

  7. Lush Gift Box – I love using fancy soaps and fun bath bombs, but these items are not something I buy for myself which is why I think they make a great gift, especially if the person you are shopping for could use a little more down time.

  8. The Hygge Game – this “game” is designed to spark meaningful conversation and would be so fun to pull out when hosting a small get together.

  9. Instant Pot – if the person you are shopping for loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen, this would be a great gift to inspire new recipes.

  10. Chucky Blanket – these blankets are so trendy and look adorable draped over a bed or couch!

The next gift guide is for the busy body on your shopping list. This person is always on the go traveling from one place to the next. They love to stay organized and refreshed while keeping up with their packed schedule.

Holiday Gift Guide-02.jpg

11. Cute luggage tags – this would be so fun to gift to someone who has a big trip coming up.

12. Wireless Headphones – I use these everyday and can’t imagine going back to regular ones. This would be such a nice gift for someone who loves to listen to music or podcast on the go.

13. LARQ Bottle – this water bottle has self cleaning technology and a water purification system – perfect for someone that doesn’t have access to clean water or a place to wash dishes.

14. Eye Gel Pads – these come in handy often, especially when you are traveling or working long hours. They aren’t a need but a nice to have which makes them a great gift idea!

15. Starbucks Gift Card – I think anyone would appreciate receiving a coffee gift card, especially those who don’t get as much sleep as they’d like to.

16. Cute Luggage – we received a luggage set for our wedding and it’s by far one of the nicest gifts I’ve ever received and something that I will get tons of use out of for many years.

17. Instax Smartphone Printer – I used to have one of the cute Instaz mini polaroid cameras but I didn’t love caring it around just for one or two photos. This printer is a great way to have the convince of a smart phone with the aesthetic of a polaroid.

18. Travel Jewelry Case – this cute little case makes traveling with small pieces of jewelry easy and also helps to keep them organized.

19. 2020 Planner – If you are shopping for someone with a busy schedule there’s a good change they are in need of a planner to keep them organized in the new year.

20. Portable Charger – this is a must have for travel and makes a unique gift idea.

I hope you found this gift guide helpful and inspiring. Let me know which items were your favorite and what person on your shopping list came to mind while reading this. Happy Shopping!

  1. Kerrie says:

    The suitcase is gorgeous!

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