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February 3, 2020


Ahh, January, the month that seems to last forever. The holidays are over, the weather sucks and everyone feels pressure to live to a higher standard in many ways to fulfill their new year’s resolutions. As much as I love the feeling of a fresh start that comes with the new year and never want to wish that time would pass faster, it is kind of nice to wave January goodbye.

To be honest, this month was pretty stressful for me. I’m in a season of life that involves a lot of uncertainty and is teaching me patience more than ever before. At the same time, it’s giving me time to think deeply about what I want for my future and reminding me to be grateful for all I have.

Places I went

• Colorado – Nick and I rang in the new year in Denver and spent the first two days of 2020 exploring Boulder and Colorado Springs. Check out my blog post on this trip here.

What I bought

A cozy sherpa top – All I want to wear on the weekends is sherpa and I couldn’t pass this one up.

The winter CAUSEBOX – This was my second time purchasing one of this brand’s seasonal subscription boxes and I loved all the goodies that came inside.

A lavender color leash and bow tie for Leo – My Pupper was so generous and decided to donate 100% of proceeds for 48 hours to help fight the wildfires in Australia so I was happy to purchase from this awesome brand.

Where I ate

Panda Express – Nick and I have a new found love for this place and have got take out from there multiple times this month.

Nick’s House of Pancakes – we enjoyed a yummy breakfast here with Nick’s parents – fitting I know.

What I watched

• YOU season two – in my opinion, it wasn’t nearly as good as season one.

• The Bachelor – forever my guilty pleasure. Nick and I laugh at our own jokes the entire time we watch this show, it’s just too fun!

• This is us – not sure what season is currently airing but I love this show and really wish the relationships between the characters were the same in real life.

What I listened to

King of my heart by Kutless – this song is beautiful and a great reminder.

Dear Winter by AJR – Nick introduces me to this song and I this it’s so cute.

The Husband and Wife Podcast – One of my favorite people to follow on IG and her husband talk about a variety of topics and are so funny together. I learned I can’t listen to this one with my headphones at work because it makes me laugh out loud sometimes!

What I accomplished

Although I have been working out consistently for a few years, I never had any interest in doing weight lifting for my upper body. However, now that I am getting to the gym more days out of the week I’m challenging myself to start doing this and have been enjoying it so far.

One thing I am thankful for

Ok super random but I am thankful for games. Winter can be pretty boring, but Nick and I have bonded over a puzzle, card games, and two new board games this past month. We love having a healthy competition with each other.

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