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June 15, 2020

25 Date Ideas For Summer

Sweet summertime is finally here! Although things may look a little different this year, there are still so many opportunities to enjoy the season. Whether you are planning a date with a friend, significant other, or even for just yourself, here are some of my favorite summer date ideas.

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  1. HAVE A PICNIC IN A PARK – A picnic is a no brainer for a summer date and a great way to spend an afternoon. If packing a ton of food seems like too much work opt for a light, refreshing snack like I did here with some fruit and sparkling water.

  2. GO TO A DRIVE-IN MOVIE – Drive-in movie theaters can be hard to find but would make for such a fun night out. They are also a great way to social distance while still being out in public for a date night.

  3. TEST OUT A NATURE TRAIL ON WHEELS – Grab some roller skates, a longboard or a bike, and hit a paved nature trail for some great conversation and fresh summer breeze.

  4. GO BERRY PICKING – This is on the top of my personal summer date list and we are hoping to go very soon here in Michigan. Not only is this a fun outdoor activity but it’s a great way to purchase locally grown, delicious berries to take home with you.

  5. HAVE A COCKTAIL MAKING CONTEST – Get creative by making your own, one of a kind signature drinks and taste test to see who makes the best one.

  6. GO NIGHT SWIMMING – Going for a late-night dip screams summer romance in my opinion and is sure to be a ton of fun.

  7. VISIT A FARMER’S MARKET – Another great way to support small businesses and purchase some seasonal produce or other goodies is to check out a farmer’s market. The one in our town is open two days a week and have tons of awesome vendors.

  8. EAT LOCALLY MADE ICE-CREAM – To continue on the theme of shopping small what better way to do so than to have an ice-cream date at your local creamery.

  9. HAVE AN AROUND THE WORLD THEMES DINNER – Whether you go out to eat or cook at home you can experience many different flavors by picking a different theme for each part of a meal from the appetizer, beverage, entree, and dessert.

  10. EXPLORE A NEW AREA ON A HIKE – I think we all get in the habit of sticking to what we know when it comes to exploring our home town but there are almost always new parks or trails to discover within a fairly small radius.

  11. TUBE DOWN A RIVER – This is probably Nick and I’s favorite summer activity. We are lucky to live by a large river that even has some man-made rapids on it. Depending on the water levels and breeze it can take anywhere from one to three hours to float down. Pack some snacks and sunscreen and leave your worries behind for a relaxing day on the water.

  12. GO GOLFING – If you are like me you are lucky to even hit the ball but you don’t have to be good at golf to enjoy some time on the course. Nick is a great golfer and keeps us on track and I just enjoy being outside and riding in the golf cart.

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13. WAKE UP EARLY TO CATCH THE SUNRISE – As a night owl I know this one is easier said than done especially when the sun rises so early in the summer months. However, I think it would be so fun to wake up early, make coffee, and head to a spot where the sunrise is visible to start your day on an uplifting note.

14. EXPERIENCE A WINE OR BEER TASTING – I know these opportunities may or may not be available this summer but even if you can’t go to a local brewery/winery you can still do a tasting at home to find your new favorite flavor.

15. CHECKOUT A NEW DOG PARK OR DOG BEACH – Summer is the best time to socialize your dog and let them run around with other friendly pups. Watching Leo play in the water is also super fun, besides the necessary bath afterward depending on if its a pool or lake. Many public pools will even have a doggy dip day at the end of the season which is always a good time!

16. PLAN A ROAD TRIP – Planning a road trip is almost as fun as going on one. Make a date of researching destinations and attractions while getting excited about a future adventure.

17. MAKE POPSICLES – If you don’t already have some you can purchase some popsicle molds like these and fill them with juice, a blended smoothie, or even a boozy drink like Truly to freeze and enjoy on a hot summer’s day.

18. HAVE A SPA NIGHT – Put on face masks or even give each other massages for a relaxing night at home.

19. FIND A VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY – There are many great ways to volunteer in the summertime. Giving back together is a great way to bond and it a date well spent.

20. GO KAYAKING OR PADDLE BOARDING – If you love being on the water like I do then this is a great option for some summer fun. If you don’t own a paddleboard or kayak of your own, look up local places to rent one for a day.

21. VISIT A LOCAL PLANT NURSERY – Nick and I don’t have the world’s best green thumbs but we still enjoy trying to grow and keep our house plants alive. Heading to a local nursery is a great way to put your dollars back into the community and a fun way to pick out a new plant together.

22. MAKE A FUN MEAL TOGETHER – The first meal that comes to mind for me is pizza! You can get so creative with sauces and toppings to really customize something unique.

23. HAVE AN OUTDOOR GAME NIGHT – Game nights make the best cheap dates and are a frequent occurrence in our home. Take the game night outdoors to enjoy some fresh air while you compete.

24. GO STARGAZING – I know this one is a little cheesy but it really is so romantic and summer is the best time of year to do it.

25. PLAY LIKE KIDS – grab some sidewalk chalk and challenge each other to a game of hopscotch, run through a sprinkler, build a sandcastle, see who can do the most cartwheels, etc. Some of my favorite memories as a kid took place in the summertime and no matter how old you are it’s always fun to relive those memories.

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I hope this post got you excited for the summer season ahead and inspired you to think out of the box for your next date night. We may not have concerts, street fairs, and amusement parks this summer but there are still so many ways to make the most of the season and find romance in the little things. If you have an awesome summer date idea, please feel free to comment below to add to this list!

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