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September 22, 2020

Best Fall Shoes For Women

As I’m writing this, it is officially the first day of fall. The weather has already chilled down a bit here in Michigan and I have switched out my closet from summer items to fall. The fall season is by far my favorite time of year to style outfits for. It’s so much fun to bust out denim, sweaters, and start layering again as the weather changes.

As much as I love sandals, it’s also exciting to pull out my favorite women’s shoes for fall including some flats, sneakers, heels, and of course boots! Let’s be honest, with being at home more than ever I’m also planning on wearing some cozy slippers this season. If you want to upgrade your shoe collection for the fall season but aren’t sure where to start, this blog post is for you!

4 shoes for fall.jpg

As I mentioned in my Fall Capsule Wardrobe post, in my opinion, you really only need four pairs of shoes for fall including black boots, brown boots, printed or neutral flats, and a white pair of sneakers. I do recommend having one of the boots be waterproof for those rainy fall days. Of course, shoes are the best and it’s so much fun to switch them up. However, if you feel overwhelmed with options or are on a tight budget, try to stick to these four staple fall shoes.

Ok, now the fun part. Consider me your personal stylist that has curated five options for five different shoe categories with the fall season in mind. You’ll notice that I like to keep my shoes (and most of my clothing) pretty neutral that way each item is interchangeable and easy to style. I do however like to add in a bit of subtle texture or animal print for some fun.

Each individual item can be shopped by clicking on the image from a small collection of my favorite clothing retailers. If you shop an item through the links provided in this post, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I hope you find this post helpful and get excited about dressing for the beautiful season of fall ahead.



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