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October 16, 2020

Decorating a Small Porch for Fall

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Decorating a Small Porch for Fall

If you are like me you have a Pinterest board filled with inspiring fall photos including lots of large, amazingly decorated front porches with tons of pumpkins, mums, and other festive decor. I dream about having a large porch with a beautiful staircase of my own one day but I currently live in an apartment with a small walk-out porch. Although my porch is teeny tiny and a far stretch from the images on my Pinterest board, I still wanted to bring some life to the space and decorate it for fall and Halloween.

The first thing I added to this outdoor area is a welcome doormat. There are SO many cute doormats available to shop right now! I love this minimal “hello” welcome mat because it compliments my fall decor well but could also be used year-round thanks to the neutral design. I didn’t include a fall wreath in this space but wanted to include below a handful of ones I love that are also available to shop.

Outdoor Fall Home Decor


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Next, I went shopping for pumpkins and mums at Trader Joes. I have found in my area that the prices of mums and pumpkins are really great at grocery stores. I absolutely love the look of fairytale pumpkins and was so excited to pick a few out. Knowing I was working with a small space, I had to limit myself from coming home with too many. I wanted to include two different colored mums and opted for one large mum and two smaller ones to glance out each side of the door.

The last thing I added to this outdoor space is these super fun bat wall decals. I wanted it to look like the bats were flying from behind the pumpkins and mums on the right side and traveling across the door. I have had the bats up for a week already and am so impressed with how well they have held up. Not one bat has fallen off in the wind so I think this makes a great decor idea for indoors and outdoors.

Depending on your outdoor porch space, you may have a lot more opportunity to decorate for fall and Halloween so I wanted to share a few more decor items that could add all the fun spooky vibes to your front porch.


More Outdoor Fall and Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Fall is such an awesome season filled with cozy sweaters, warm baked goods, and the perfect weather to sit outside and enjoy your front porch area. I hope you found this post helpful and feel inspired to decorate your porch or outdoor space for fall and/or Halloween no matter how big or small it is.


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