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June 19, 2019


Having cute, comfortable activewear isn’t something I cared much about until a few years ago. Now, I play close attention to how I look and feel in my activewear because I know how much it can affect my workouts. If I’m wearing clothes that I feel uncomfortable in, I’m more likely to end my workout quicker than planned just to get out of the closes asap! However, if I feel comfortable and confident in my workout outfits, I will be more willing to push myself and get a great workout in!  

I recently discovered Vie Active, an activewear brand that inspires and empowers women with stylish clothing fit for great performance. The pieces are made out of soft material and are sweat and stress tested to ensure they are comfortable and dependable during your workouts, which is so important to me! Here, I am wearing the Lili ¾ Legging and the sunny bra in burgundy. I am so in love with this beautiful color!


One of my favorite workouts this time of year is going for a run with Leo. It’s a great way for both of us to get our exercise in at the same time and enjoy the warm weather! We typically run around 6 pm when Leo’s energy is at an all-time high. The sun is typically still out around this time so it’s inevitable that I get sweaty. That’s why I love having a quick drying, sweat-wicking outfit, like the ones Vie offers, that helps me stay cool. What’s your must have when it comes to workout gear? Do you love matching your tops and bottoms? Let me know if the comments! & don’t forget to use code LEO20 to save 20% off at Vie Active!

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