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July 2, 2019

Q&A About The Samoyed Breed

Does anyone else have puppy fever right now? I’ve had it ever since our recent visit to Leo’s breeder to see the new puppies! If only they stayed this little right!? I shared a photo from our visit and asked our Instagram friends to ask us any questions they had about Samoyeds and now I’m excited to share my answers! 



Q: How do you pronounce Samoyed? 



Q: What breeder did you get Leo from?

We were lucky to find a great family breeder close to home when we decided that we wanted a Samoyed. I am willing to share their contact information with anyone who is seriously interested so just shoot me a message. Since they are a reputable breeder they only have a litter around once every 15 months.



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Q: Is Leo getting a sibling?

Hopefully someday! We’d love to get him a little sister to play with. Leo LOVES other dogs and gets bored easily, so we think he would love to have another dog in our home. We haven’t settled on anything but as of right now we are thinking about getting a young (puppy or adopted dog below 3 years old) female Pomeranian as a second dog. This will probably be in the next two years.


Q: Do they shed year-round or seasonally?

Samoyeds shed year-round and have 1-2 heavy blow outs a year. I believe males only have one in the spring time and females have two, once in the spring and once in the fall. We definitely noticed an increase in Leo’s shedding this past spring during his first blow out.  


Q: What are their personalities like?

Sunshine! I know I’m bias but I’m not kidding, they are like big teddy bears with a contagious smile! Leo is friendly to everyone he meets and only barks at other dogs when he wants to play. He is very affectionate and does not like to be alone which has caused some separation anxiety. They are playful and have a lots of energy. We typically walk/run 1-2 miles a day while also playing with toys for several hours. I also think Samoyeds are supper funny when they howl, lay in a way where you can’t see their legs, have their tongue hanging out the side, etc. 


Q: Are they hyper or more laid back?

As I mentioned about they do have a good amount of energy. They don’t require 6+ miles of exercise a day like similar breeds but they also don’t lounge around all the time. I personally think they are a good medium when it comes to their energy level. During the work week Leo does sleep most of the day but is ready to get moving by the time we return home. 





Q: How often do you vacuum the house?

My fiancé is a bit of a clean freak and likes to vacuum 2-3 times a week to stay on top of Leo’s shedding. 


Q: How do you keep Leo so perfect and clean?

I wouldn’t say we keep him perfectly groomed but we do try our best! I have a separate blog post here that goes into detail about his grooming routine. Right now, he has a lot of knots that we are slowing working to get out, so this is something we’d like to improve on. Our breeder thinks we did not comb deep enough when he was blowing his coat. We would brush until fluff stopped coming out, but we needed to part the hair and carefully comb through the deeper layers where there were still loose hairs. 


Q: What are some things you wish you knew about Samoyeds before bringing one home?

I also have a blog post on this topic here.



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Q: Are they as cuddly as they look?

I’d say so! The puppies are extra soft, but adults can also stay very soft when brushed enough. Adults like Leo are typically very soft around their face and are a bit coarser on their back. Leo has to be pretty sleepy to cuddle but does initiate it at times which I love! He can never cuddle for too long though because he gets too warm. Sometimes he prefers to have you hold his paw or just pet him to show affection vs. a big cuddle session.

Q: Are they hard to care for?

I would say “yes” because they are a lot of work but it’s all so rewarding! From grooming, to walking daily, always playing and dealing with separation anxiety, but Leo is worth it and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


I hope you found this Q&A insightful and interesting! If you have any other questions, please comment below and I will respond.


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