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July 7, 2019

My Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago my Mom, future mother-in-law and my aunt threw me a beautiful bridal shower! My Mom wanted to make the process easy on everyone so they rented out a room at a local restaurant. Everything was so lovely from the hand made cookies, pink florals and yummy cupcakes. This day felt like a sneak peek of our wedding by having my closest (female) family and friends all in one place. This was the first time my family got to meet a bit of Nick’s extended family which made it extra special!

Bridal Shower-3.jpg

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Bridal Shower-84.jpg

Bridal Shower-43.jpg

We ate lunch, played some bridal shower games and mingled for a while. I got nervous when it was time to open gifts because I don’t like having all eyes on me but I was blown away by everyones generosity! Nick and I were grateful to receive such sweet gifts and have already put a handful of them to good use. One of my bridesmaids put together a bouquet out of the bows and ribbons for me to use at our dress rehearsal.

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Bridal Shower-21.jpg

Bridal Shower-73.jpg

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Bridal Shower-83.jpg

Bridal Shower-36.jpg

Bridal Shower-61.jpg

Bridal Shower-79.jpg

I feel so blessed to have all the amazing girls and women that attended my shower in my life. I will continue to look back on this special day and can’t wait to relive the magic of it at another level on our wedding day!

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