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July 12, 2019

Pet-Friendly Vacations With Vacasa

Thank you Vacasa for sponsoring this post. Find your Vacasa home for the Summer today!

Summertime is in full swing here in Michigan and it’s absolutely beautiful! We love our northern summers, but we are also starting to feel some wanderlust spirit again as it’s been a few months since our last vacation. Although our busy schedules will keep us in the mitten state for a little while, it’s always fun to start planning another trip. As you know, we love bringing Leo along with us on fun, domestic trips and can’t wait for our next family getaway! 

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There are many fun ways to get away with your family this summer while bringing your dog along for the fun. I have listed a few of our favorite ideas below. 

·      Go on a road trip – we went on our first road trip with Leo a few months ago and had so much fun!

·      Go on a day trip to the beach – we also love taking advantage of Lake Michigan when we can for a sun-filled day trip.

·      Go camping – I haven’t been camping in years, but I think Leo would have a blast sleeping in a tent with us and would be a very budget friendly travel idea.

·      Stay at a Vacasa rental – there is something so fun about staying in someone else’s home and pretending it’s yours for a few days! Learn more on Vacasa.com


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Vacasa has over 13,000 vacation homes to choose from around the world! The standards for cleanliness, safety and comfort are high with this brand so you can relax and enjoy your time away with loved ones. If you also love to travel with a furry friend, you can easily search for pet friendly homes on Vacasa through this filtered search link. 


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With tools like this you can make sure that bringing your pet along for the adventure is convenient and practical. One city that I would love to visit again and experience in a new way by bring Leo along is the oh so magical New Orleans, LA! I visited this lively city for the first-time last fall and would love to go back with Nick and Leo. Vacasa have several vacation homes in this city including Sweet Emma’s Hideaway, Verret Street and my personal favorite – the Bayou Beauty. One thing I love about Vacasa’s website is the virtual tours! They give you a great feel and understanding of what the house is like in person. When I looked at the photos of the Bayou Beauty, I knew how much fun our little family would have staying in such a charming home! 

Traveling with a dog is a ton of fun but does require some extra planning. If you run into any concerns or special request before, during or after your stay, the Vacasa customer care team is happy to help at any time! Now that you know the benefits of using Vacasa for your pet friendly vacation rental needs, there is no excuse to leave your fur baby behind on your next trip! 😉

Browse rentals, find a pet-friendly Vacasa for your next trip using the Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations Report and book confidently. Always get the guaranteed best price on Vacasa.com.

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