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July 19, 2019



Summer has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember! Although my long summer days are no longer filled with endless free time, popsicles and bike rides like they used to be years ago, they are still so sweet! Leo loves cooler weather but he is also enjoying how much time we can spend outdoors together in the summer months. Below are some of our favorite things we have been using to make the most of this fleeting season.

Summer Favorites-07.jpg

Summer Favorites-05.jpg

1. Dog “Ice Cream” – Leo loves these cold, sweet treats on a warm summer day. It’s adorable to watch him eat them too!

2. Dog Seat Belt – putting your dog in the car for a summer adventure is a ton of fun and this “seat belt” helps them stay safe during the commute. Use code LADIESMAN10 for 10% off.

3. Comb – this tool helps remove any loose hairs on a double coated dog like Leo to help them stay cool in the warmer seasons.

4. Paw Protection Balm – this product helps protect paws from drying out and keeps them moisturized. Use code LADIESMAN10 for 10% off.

5. Wild Weenies – Leo loves these festive treats, especially for this cookout season!

6. Cactus Toy – this toy is adorable and has stood the test of time with Leo much longer than other plush toys!

7. Dog Water Bottle – we included this in our Spring Essentials blog post but we had to include it again because we use it almost every day! It’s a must-have for walks in warm weather.

8. Cooling Mat – this is a great way to help a dog cool off after being outside!

Summer Favorites-08.jpg

Summer Favorites-06.jpg

1. Iced Coffee – I love to enjoy a coffee in the mornings and during the warmer months, iced coffee is the only way to go in my opinion.

2. Self Tanner – this is the first year I’ve really got on board with self tanning and so far I really like it. It’s nice to be able to achieve a nice tan overnight and without exposing your skin to the sun.

3. Wireless Earbuds – these little guys are a game changer, especially during my workouts. I’m never going back to headphones with a cord.

4. Cut-off Shorts – easy to throw on and super cute, not much else to say here.

5. Glass Water bottle – a cute reminder to stay hydrated.

6. Sunscreen – this is my favorite sunscreen to wear to help protect my skin from the sun.

7. Earrings – I’ve been loving these cute earrings this season.

8. Beach Bag – I added this cute bag to our wedding registry to hopefully use on our honeymoon.

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