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September 23, 2019


The cool, cozy season of fall is here, and we are so excited to share our fall favorites with you! This season is all about slowing down, getting outdoors in the comfortable weather and enjoying the simple things in life like a warm latte in your favorite mug. Scroll down to see what we are loving for this time of year and click on the links to shop our favorites! 

Fall Favorites-08.jpg

Fall Favorites-09.jpg

  1. Tassel earrings – these have been on trend for a while but I’m still loving them and think they make a great statement piece to a simple outfit.

  2. Felt hats – something a little outside of my comfort zone but I am excited to incorporate one or two into my wardrobe for this season.

  3. Monogram mug – I use cute mugs like this all year round but I feel like fall is the best time to cuddle up with a seasonal drink. This mug comes in letters A-Z and would make a personal purchase for yourself or as a gift.

  4. Bobble sweaters – cozy sweaters are a must for the fall and I think the bobble details add a super cute, feminine touch.

  5. Neutral lip color – I recently discovered this long-lasting lipstick in the color Pillow Talk and I think it’s a perfect shade for everyday use.

  6. Magnolia Table book – we received this book as a wedding present and I can’t wait to try out some warm recipes this season.

  7. Mule flats – I think this type of shoe is perfect for fall because it will keep your feet warm but is not as bulky as a boot. Since boots are pretty much the only option for Michigan winters, I try to wear flats for as long as possible.

  8. Throw blankets – thin but still warm enough to cuddle up with and they double as a decor piece especially when they are in a cute color like these.

Fall Favorites-07.jpg

Fall Favorites-10.jpg

  1. Plaid dog coat -there is nothing cuter than a dog in a cute outfit and I think this coat is perfect for fall (not that Leo needs it to stay warm).

  2. Football toy – this heavy-duty material is perfect for Leo to chew on during a stressful football game 😉

  3. Pumpkin cheesecake biscuits – these sound good enough to eat myself but I’ll save these nom noms as a festive snack for Leo.

  4. Donut dog toys – these seasonal toys are just too cute, and I love how they come in a set of three.

  5. Rope leash – you probably know by now how much we love these leashes and would love to add a bright orange color to our collection. Use code LADIESMAN10 for 10% off.

  6. Magical Dinner Dust – this meal topper is a great way to encourage a picky eater and is festive for this magic filled time of year!

  7. Yeti dog bowl – these bowls would be perfect for a long hike to see the fall colors.

  8. Dog bed – fall is a great time to catch up on sleep and this adorable dog bed would be perfect for the occasion.

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