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November 7, 2019

What I’ve Been Wearing – Fall 2019

Fall is definitely a fun time to experiment with fashion. The pairing possibilities are endless since this is the season for layering with the cold mornings and warmer afternoons. I have introduced some new pieces to my wardrobe and have been getting great use of them so I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve been wearing on my blog. If you are interested in shopping any of these looks, I have linked the exact item or the a similar one when you click on the image.


I have been really into the bobble sweater, I just think it’s super cute! I’ve also been into turtlenecks and sweaters with fun patterns.

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Jackets are a must when you live in a cold climate, here are the ones I have been wearing this season.


I have been loving straight jeans with a cut leg hole for a more casual look.


I am trying to buy fewer high quality items than a larger quantity of cheaper ones. I can definitely say I have done this with my shoes because I love all three of these, get a ton of use out of them and feel like they are all I need in this season.


When it comes to jewelry, I keep it really simple. Most days I just wear my wedding ring and a pair of earings. Depending on my outfit and mood, I will wear something minimal or a statement piece.

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