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November 12, 2020

Holiday Gift Ideas For Dogs & Dog Owners

Holiday Gift Ideas For Dogs Photo.jpg

Is there anyone in your life that is more deserving of a special holiday gift than your adorable, loyal dog? I love to spoil my dog Leo who is a two-and-a-half-year-old Samoyed, and my dog Daisy, who is twelve years old, all year round but it’s extra fun to include them in holiday gift-giving. Even if it’s something small, your dog will be sure to enjoy getting in on the action Christmas morning or whenever you celebrate and might even be able to unwrap the present themselves.

My go-to gift ideas for my pets are dog toys and dog treats. These are also the gifts they get the most excited about when unwrapping since they can smell the treats and hear some of the toys squeak. The holiday season is also a great time of year to gift your pet something they need such as a new harness for walks or a sweater to keep them warm outside in the winter. As you can see above only one of my dogs needs a sweater to stay warm but they both look adorable in them nonetheless.

I don’t know about you but I also have a lot of dog owners and pet lovers in my life. If someone on your shopping list this year is crazy about their dog, I bet they would also enjoy receiving the following gift ideas. Not only can some of these holiday gift ideas for dogs help them bond with their pet but they will also help them take better care of their pet and help keep their home clean.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Dogs & Dog Owners

Holiday Dog Gift Guide 7.jpg

  1. Dog stocking – Your fur baby will feel the love when they see their stocking hung with the others.

  2. Interactive Gingerbread House Toy – Keep your dog busy and entertained this season with this festive dog toy!

  3. Donut Dog Bed Cushion – This boujee dog bed is stunning and sure to keep your dog cozy this season.

  4. Petcube Bites 2 – A high-tech dog camera is a great way to check in on your dog when they are home alone and even toss them a treat when they are being good!

  5. Flint Retractable Lint Roller – I love the sleek design of this lint roller to take care of any dog hair you find on your clothes throughout the day.

  6. Dog Harness – As you can see above, this dog harness is super cute and is available in a wide variety of sizes.

  7. Triangle Tug Dog Toy – This chewy natural rubber and rugged cotton rope-textured dog toy is perfect for tug-of-war and has an aesthetically minimal design.

  8. Candy Cane Rope Toy – These festive dog toys are durable and will look so cute in your house around the holidays.

  9. Bocce’s Dog Treats – Dog treats are a must and this brand has the cutest packaging that would look adorable in your dog’s stocking.

  10. Biothane Dog Slip Leash – This waterproof leash is stunning, comes in many colors, and makes it easy to dress up your dog for the holidays.

Holiday Dog Gift Guide V4.jpg

11. 2021 Dog Calendar – How cute would this calendar be sitting on a desk. I love that there are different types of dogs represented for each month.

12. Elevated Dog Feeder – This beautiful dog food stand can be customized from the wood stain to the font used to put your dog’s name on it.

13. Holiday Donut Dog Toys – These mini donuts are some of my dog’s favorite dog toys. They are durable due to the small size and make a fun squeak sound that dogs love.

14. Cat & Dog Body Spray – Think of this as a dry shampoo for dogs. We love using something like this to keep Leo smelling fresh in-between baths.

15. Holiday Dog Pajamas – Keep your dog warm and cozy this winter with cute and festive dog PJs.

16. Double-Sided Dog Brush – Help your dog look their best for the holidays with this double-sided dog hairbrush.

17. Benebone – These flavorful dog bone toys are long-lasting and help keep your dog busy and stimulated.

18. Dyson Vacuum – This vacuum is a game-changer and especially works great for collecting unwanted dog hair on hard and soft floors.

19. Dog Breed Ornament – I ordered a Samoyed dog ornament from this Etsy shop for Leo’s first Christmas and it is still by far my favorite ornament.

20. Plush Dog Bone Toy – I’m a sucker for a cute dog toy and love the pretty gingham pattern of this one.

I hope you found this post helpful and found a perfect gift for the dogs and dog lovers in your life! Be sure to pin the image below for future reference and check out my other holiday gift guides below for more inspiration!

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