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November 12, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide For Him – Gift Ideas For Men

Can we all agree that men are hard to shop for? They rarely give any gift ideas for themselves and often say that they already have everything they need. Even if that is true, there are some people such as fathers, husbands, brothers, grandfathers, stepdads, boyfriends, etc. that you wouldn’t want to show up empty-handed for. Buying gifts for the women in my life is so easy because I can pick out things I would love to receive and know that they will most likely enjoy them too. If only purchasing holiday gifts for the men in my life was just as simple.

I find my Dad the hardest to shop for and sometimes rely on my Mom to tell me something he needs. However, with years of getting creative with gifts for my Dad and with a few years under my belt of living with my husband, I have learned a handful of go-to gift ideas for men that you can’t go wrong with. If you are struggling to come up with an awesome gift idea for a male in your life, I hope this holiday gift guide helps make the process a little easier. Hopefully, you will find a perfect gift shopping idea for a guy on your holiday list below.

11 Awesome Gift Ideas For Him This Holiday Season

Holiday Gift Guide For Him 3.jpg

  1. Knit Joggers – Any type of sweatpants is a great gift idea for guys that like to lounge around and stay comfortable.

  2. Trivia Game – Test your knowledge with this trivia card set game covering all kinds of topics.

  3. Warm Beanie – Almost every guy wears beanies and you can’t go wrong with a neutral color and subtle logo like this one.

  4. Small Bluetooth Speaker – This waterproof speaker is perfect to play music around the house or bring with you on the go.

  5. King-size throw blanket – An oversized blanket is the first gift I ever got my husband and we both still use it almost every day five years later. Layer it on top of bedding on cold winter nights or use it to cuddle up on the couch since it’s big enough to cover two people comfortably.

  6. Suede Slippers – Who doesn’t love a new pair of plush slippers to stay cozy in the wintertime. These high-quality slippers can be worn indoors and outdoors to keep your feet warm.

  7. Workout T-Shirts – These lightweight short-sleeved shirts are made for performance and are great for any type of exercise.

  8. Cologne – I am biased to this scent because it’s one my husband has worn since we met but I feel like it’s a nice balance of fresh and earthy which would make it a safe gift idea.

  9. Barbecue Tool 6 Piece Gift Set – This grilling kit is perfect for guys who enjoy cooking and spending time outdoors.

  10. Golf Balls – Even if the men on your gift list aren’t big golfers, they might like to go for a round of nine holes once in a while and could use some high-quality golf balls to up their game.

  11. Dress Socks – For working in the office, a date night, or a holiday dinner every guy needs some nice dress socks and this pack of five will give them some nice options to choose from.

I hope you found this holiday gift guide for men helpful and found a perfect gift for someone in your life! Be sure to pin the image below for future reference and check out my other holiday gift guides or more holiday shopping inspiration!

Holiday Gift Ideas For Men-15.jpg


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