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March 20, 2021

Winter 2021 Recap

Sharing an update, recent purchases, and seasonal favorites.


Reflecting on the winter season of 2021

Winter is my least favorite season and it’s truly a bummer we have to start each year with it here in Northern America. After the fun of the holiday season passes, I’m always ready for winter to pass as well. Here in SE Michigan, we got a fair share of snow this winter but thankfully the temperatures were not quite as brutal as past winter seasons. To be honest, I enjoyed having consistent snow because it’s much prettier than muddy, dead grass and it helped brighten up our apartment.

As many do, I experience mild seasonal depression and found myself having little energy and motivation these past few months. This was the first (and hopefully last) winter that we were also experiencing the pandemic through which made things a little harder. In our city, at least restaurants were still only offering carryout options up until a few weeks ago and our typical winter activities such as bowling or going to a movie theater were also not an option.

Through the mundane winter days and never-ending to-do lists for work, I found myself having a lot of negative thoughts. I have been hard on myself though this past season in several ways from my productivity to my self-image. It’s been hard to determine the root cause of these negative spirals. It could be season depression, pandemic fatigue, my hormonal cycle, burnout from overworking myself for so many years, or a little bit of everything.

I’m happy to say that I have been having more good days than bad coming out of this winter season. I know how powerful my thoughts can be and how important it is to be gentle with myself. I’m hoping to find clarity, direction, and more work-life balance in the months ahead. I’m also going to prioritize a more defined routine Monday through Friday to help with my productivity and mental health. I have recently heard of other women organizing their schedule to work with their menstrual cycle and this is something I’m interested in trying out.

Although winter is a hard season for me to thrive in, there are still moments of joy to reflect on as well. I’m thankful for the time I have spent with my parents, in-laws, and a few friends. We got to celebrate Leo’s third birthday on February 2nd and have also joined a group chat with other dog owners that live near us to have play dates at the dog park. Nick started a new weekly tradition of making the yummiest enchiladas on Mondays, we call it “Enchilada Monday”.

Best Purchases

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Weathered Jug Vase – This vase looks like a high-end vintage piece but is sold at Target for a great price.

Accent Chair – I was on the hunt for the perfect chair to compliment our couch and I’m so happy with how this one looks in our living room.

This Is Home – I can’t get enough neutral, hardcover coffee table books. I love flipping through them for inspiration and stacking them as decor around our home.

Floral Bikini Bottoms & Top – I have been doing a little shopping for spring and summer and I’m so excited to soak up some sunshine in this adorable swimsuit.

Crew Neck Cropped Sweater – This is a perfect light-weight sweater to transition from winter to spring.

Gel Eye Patches – I love using these when I wake up with puffy eyes or dark circles.

Large Glasses – I have loved using these tall drinking glasses for iced coffee and smoothies.


Places Traveled

Crystal Mountain – I went skiing for the first time and had so much fun getting away for a night with my friend Stefi.


Favorite Content I’ve Created

BlogHow To Style a Dresser Top

Instagram Valentine’s Charcuterie Board

TikTokDIY West Elm Inspired Fruit Bowl

LTKTarget Home Decor New Arrivals


What I Watched

Big Little Lies – I’ve learned that I love anything Reese Witherspoon is in and this series is no exception. Nick and I binged in within a week.

Bachelor 25 – This season has unfortunately focused more on drama than relationships but Matt James has been a great lead.


Favorite Listens & Reads

Untamed by Glennon Doyle – This book touched my soul and resonated with me in many ways. Highly recommend!

Okay Sis podcast – These girls are hilarious, interview inspiring women, and discuss a variety of great topics.

Change of Scenery II by Quinn XCII – I love every song on this album and can’t stop listening to it.


Yummy Eats

Black Pearl – When indoor dining opened back up in Ann Arbor, Nick and I had our first “official” date night out in almost a year and were giddy the whole time.

Baked Potato Soup – We want to start using our instant pot more and were so happy with how this recipe turned out.


Something I Accomplished

I started painting again in the new year and have found it equally enjoyable and challenging. In some ways, I feel like I’m picking up where I left off when I took an oil painting class as part of my art degree in college. The biggest challenge now is being patient and making time to practice. I’m happy I took the first step to get back into though because I have missed it these past few years.


Something I’m Grateful For

It’s been really nice not having to drive on bad roads due to winter weather conditions since I’ve been working from home. I didn’t mind being snowed in and waiting a few days to clear the snow off my car.


Thank you for letting me share this little life update with you. I plan on posting a recap post like this seasonally this year. It’s a nice way to journal and document what my life is like through different seasons. I am definitely looking forward to the spring season ahead!

– Olivia


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